I guide beautiful humans into alignment with their highest potential in all relationships.


Achieve the desires of your heart

in all of your relationships,
in business, romance, and personal finance

Success & Empowerment Coaching for the Heart Introducing the Self-Love to Success Program For Entrepreneurs


The Pyramid of Desire

You are successful
by the world’s standards.
You’re a creator, a divine soul, & desire to make an impact in the world.
Yet, there is some part of your life that simply feels stuck.
By uncovering the limitless crypt of well-being, YOU can access a boundless wealth that creates a base of safety, security and confidence.

From this foundation, experience the pinnacle of freedom in business, romance, and finance.






Success & Relationship Coach
Equal Parts Spirit + Relationship

As your spiritual guide, I also understand the money piece, which really helps our progress. By the time I was 27, I owned 3 houses, made quantum career leaps from being an office assistant at a multi-million dollar agency to Financial Director, and manifested 100k a year at 27. I also know that money is just a small part of the bigger picture to feeling safe and secure. A deeper rooted security is being able to love yourself and OWN who you really are, and share those gifts with the world.

Modalities & Training

The Method

is Magic


1 / Take The Quantum Leap 

This stuff doesn’t always make logical sense. You have to be open and ready for a new experience and a big change.


2 / Worship What You Want With Non-Attachment

You must be bold in asking the Universe. In openly asking, everything is available.


3 / Believe The Impossible

When you believe a life of no limits, you can achieve anything. Life has infinite possibilities. We are all limitless beings.


4 / Flow Into Your Reality

We’ll ground these ideas into your reality with clear, concise homework assignments and exercises. I will be your guide to work thru anything that comes up along the way.


I welcome, the spirit of $❤∞

I am worth it.


Teachings From The Journey

Sasha is a full-time digital nomad, currently located in Boulder. Read Blog


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